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Advantages Of College Tuition - 764 Words

In our country, a high form of education is critical to society, especially as we advance. As time passes, new areas of medicines and sciences appear, but how is the nation to produce progress without refining education? Among the most significant improvements needed are methods of financing college education either by the government or by college students. With a government funded college system, students would not be enabled to pay for tuition, providing additional benefits. Overall, our country should allow free college tuition to ensure the creation of a well-educated workforce, equalized opportunities, and decreased financial obligations for students. To begin, permitting colleges to remove tuition will result in a well-educated†¦show more content†¦Instead of settling with high debt and low income, people not able to become enrolled in college because of tuition, now have a much greater chance of living their own wanted lifestyle. Research from Sandy Baum shows that, o n average, college students receive about $20,000 more yearly than high-school grads (Clark). In a country with free tuition, it is doubtless that thousands of more students will attend college (Kingsley). Another benefit free tuition college provides is a decreased amount of financial obligations students must worry about. Since the government would be paying for most of the college education, this prevents graduates from paying insane amounts of student loan debt. Graduating with large quantities of debt has been shown to reduce chances of possessing a home, becoming married, having children, and accumulating wealth, making debt a dangerous factor in college. Debt can also force students to become unfocused with their studies, resulting into a worsened result in academic performance. However, with this free tuition, academic performance may rise, which would allow more students to graduate college on time, ready to engage in jobs for the community. In return to the government payi ng for education, after graduation, students have much more money to refuel the economy because of the debt they do not need to pay (Wittner). Although it is true that, without student tuition, the government must disburse billions of dollars in public education,Show MoreRelatedAdvantages Of College Tuition1693 Words   |  7 Pagesattending college. The main argument that we have is whether college tuition is too expensive or not. Over the last few decades the college tuition rates have increased drastically, but is a rate increase necessarily a good or bad thing. I personally believe that the cost to attend college is too expensive especially for low and middle-income families. There are many reasons why tuition could be considered too expensive they include, rise of tuition, little financial aid, and lack of college savingsRead MoreU.s. Securities And Exchange Commission1523 Words   |  7 PagesThis program evaluation contains the overall progress of the 529 plans and the bene fits. The objective of the 529 plans by the Government of United States of America is to provide advantages to the college savers in availing the tax rebates and tax reductions. The educational system is benefiting from these plans and the document provides the analysis of the factors that play their part in the providing the benefit to the sector and the overall economy. According to the U.S. Securities and ExchangeRead MoreFree College Should Not Be Banned Essay1433 Words   |  6 Pagesthat the cost of going into a university or a college has become very expensive and would want their government to provide free college tuitions much like the governments in Norway, Sweden, Germany and many other counties in Europe. Furthermore, with the increase in concern of the topic many people have wondered why doesn’t the United States or most importantly, all counties provide free college tuition and that is because in order to provide free college there has to be a change in the economic structureRead MoreBenefits Of Going Into The Workforce944 Words   |  4 PagesWhen one chooses to go to college, they are investing in their future career. Once a young adult leaves high school they have a choice to either go to college or to go into the workforce. When deciding which path they will take, they must look at both the benefits and disadvantages. The ad vantage to going straight into the workforce is being able to immediately start their profession of choice and do not have to pay off expensive college loans. The disadvantage to going straight into the workforceRead MoreShould College Tuition Be Free?1115 Words   |  5 Pagestoday’s society is that college tuition should be free or if not free, more affordable for all students. Certainly, higher education should not be considered a luxury where only the wealthy could afford, but an opportunity for all caste systems. It must be an accessible and affordable opportunity for all students in order for them to invest in their education. Higher education is important because it provides more careers to choose from than the careers offered without having a college degree. UltimatelyRead MoreFree College Is A Great Dream1352 Words   |  6 PagesFree college is a great dream, but not feasible. A higher education benefits not only the individual, but our country and economy as a whole. Higher tuition fees could affect students’ decision to not go to college, the government should pass a bill that limits some of the unnecessary fees that colleges charge students. The government should pay for the college education of its citizens because it is no longer an option to rely on scholarships to pay for college, they are becoming harder to get andRead MoreA Poor Solution For America s Shortcoming1625 Words   |  7 PagesA major issue in today’s society is the debate over free community college tuition. Even though some say free community college tuition would be one step closer to saving Americas crumbling lower class, community college tuition should not be completely free. An education from a community college is already very affordable even for those who are from low-income families. On top of being affordable, free community college tuition as it stands today is easily exploitable by those who don’t need itRead MoreCommunity College Or University?871 Words   |  4 Pages Community College or University Going to a community college, rather than a university, is a much more sufficient choice for high school graduates. Community colleges like Rockingham Community College (RCC), have increased benefits for the undergraduate students compared to that of a university. Attending RCC is a superior choice for most students because it is less expensive than a university, it has smaller, more flexible classes, and it is also usually closer to home and work. ThereRead MoreCollege Athletes Should Not Be Paid1203 Words   |  5 Pages College athletes receive many benefits while playing for the school of their choice. The endorsements for playing a division 1 college sport is obscene. The college athletes receive many compensations for playing a college sport including free tuition, textbooks, housing, and meal plans. Therefore college athletes should not be paid a salary for playing a sport. These college athletes are in a sense already receiving payment for their commitment to the team, due to the high tuition rate in collegesRead MoreShould College Tuition Be Paid?884 Words   |  4 PagesIn America college tuition has quadrupled in the last 35 years. College administrators like to tell the story that baby boomers paid their college tuition from the money they made during summer break. A few years later colleges decided to raise tuition price because people wanted to get a college degree. Colleges were seeing that people wanted to go to college they decided to raise the prices and make business out of it. In Germany, however college tuition is free, and by doing this Germany gets

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